About Us


The best way to predict change is to create it. And when you do it, with unflinching conviction, you create a transformation that lasts for generations. For over 2 years, the Divyakranti Media Group has been ushering change with its powerful presence across the media spectrum including print, broadcast, digital Today that


It is said that the hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far spread magazine; rules the world. That is why at Divyakranti, we don’t just seek to change, but challenge status quo. We don’t just deliver answers, but capture history in the making – always bench-marking ourselves to the highest standards of credibility. That’s what makes the Divyakranti Media Group one of the biggest and most influential media houses in the region. Our legacy represents the irrepressible spirit and definitive voice of journalism. 

A 10 year tradition that is Unparalleled. Unbiased. Uncompromising. Every day, before the break of dawn, a dynamic editorial team and a powerful network of distributors and business associates deliver a nine decade old tradition to your doorstep. A tradition that is a unique synthesis of views, information and upright journalism. Every story is infused with unparalleled authenticity and neutrality, empowering readers with the most knowledgeable and analytical news coverage.

 News as it happens. First. Fast. Fearless.

Round the clock, across the globe, Divyakranti News reaches out to the most affluent and powerful Gujarati audience. As news breakers we shape opinions by identifying facts, getting after the truth and delivering the inside stories from events, where ever they occur. As a fiercely independent media house, we do not stand on the side lines, we dive in, go that extra mile and bring the most important stories to light. Above all we get results. Today, the power of change is in the hands of the youth; they are the generation that cannot wait. At Divyakranti Media Group, we are empowering them with the future of news. Our vision is to connect, engage and enable interaction with a global library of information to those who need to know ‘now’. Combining the strength of our vast traditional media roots with our advanced digital platform, we are delivering the power of choice, every second.

Branding solutions that are Never out of Sight. Never out of mind.

We know that a bad media can make or break a brand, therefore we are leveraging our strengths in the media business to give brands an ‘all-day prime time’ advantage with high visibility, high volume locations and advanced display systems. We are on our way to expand across the state and deliver a brand’s message to even the most difficult to reach consumers, wherever they are, at any time of the day.